The financial section of the prospectus deals with the past, present and future proceeds of the company. The company will show an up to date balance sheet with a profit and loss statement, as well as any proforma statements about future revenue and expenses. In addition, depending on the type of entity and if the company is private or public, and within each of these there are different rules, the financial statements may need to be audited, or have utilize an exemption from audited financials. The financial section is a good place to show how fiscally responsible you are up until this point (hopefully) and it should be highlighted the fiscal responsible you have achieved.

The funding requirements section of the prospectus will show where you intend to allocate the funds you raise. It is a glorified use of proceeds area that will detail how the money will be spent. For example, if your company is in the oil and gas exploration field and you are raising $10 million, you might show that $5 million will go to purchase equipment, $2 million for refining the oil, $1 million for leasing the land to drill, $1 million for salaries and $1 million for working capital. The idea is that you will show what you need the money for and detail the expenditures. In addition, you are required to allocate the funds raised that you specify in the prospectus to the area it is intended for. If you wish to change where you allocate the funds you may need to get board and investor approval beforehand. Lastly, you will want to discuss the potential for future capital raising initiatives in this section. If you intend to raise additional funds you may want to state why you would need to and for what purpose.